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Cans are too large. I shoot paintballs and other small items.
Great shooting on those two Tom !!!

There's really no room to drill out the High side of the transfer port. It's as big as it's gonna get, given the diameter of the transfer port rotary cylinder. There's a little room on the cylinder to make the Low side a smidge larger. Have a look, it's simple. Just use a 1.5mm hex bit to take the screw out of the right side of the reciever, oppsite the transfer port adjustment knob. The transfer port just slides out. You don't need to degas. There are two o-rings on  the transfer port cylinder. Also be aware of the small spring and ball bearing that act as the transfer port's detent. If (in my case it was when) you lose that little spring, a small portion of the flint spring from a Bic lighter works just as well as the original.

I haven't opened up the barrel port yet, as I want to do it in small increments, and need a chrony to do it right. My long suffering better half is getting me a new one for Christmas. As I mentioned before, I had a Senior Moment and vaporized my old one with 12ga double-ought that I could have sworn was a saboted slug. So be it.


Glad you got my message about removing and reinstalling the reg. Once you do it, you'll get why it has to go together the opposite way you took it apart.

Thank you Mike for the help on removing the regulator! I think we could also enlarge the transfer port rotary cylinder (replace factory rotary selector with a  larger diameter bolt) like Troy Hammer did for the kral puncher Jumbo. Then once the rotary cylinder has been enlarged the transfer port can be enlarged as well. I hope Troy gets his hands on this gun soon.
German AirGun Gate / Re: Weihrauch - Vintage Piston Seals
« Last post by Mark 611 on Today at 05:42:52 AM »
Piston seals have about a 10yr shelf life, as stated they start to get hard, like my tires on my Harley after a few yrs they start to get hard and my handling go's away! :o :P
German AirGun Gate / Re: Buyer's remorse
« Last post by Mark 611 on Today at 05:37:03 AM »
I prefer my HW30 in .177cal over my HW50 that was in .177cal  :o :P
Nevada Fun Shooting Events / Re: Las Vegas, NV.
« Last post by RonC808 on Today at 05:33:09 AM »
Hey JoshuaT,
Any luck finding other pneumatic addicts to shoot with?
Iím currently in Hawaii but considering a move to LV in early 2019. I did some minor searches and looks like LV is mainly a powder burners paradise. Iím imagining what it would be like to be outdoors in 100+ degree heat shooting into the heat vapors coming off the dessert floor. As airgun addicts I know weíll find a way weather itís 20 below or 110.
Vintage Air Gun Gate / Re: Ted Williams 150 rib
« Last post by ped on Today at 05:09:04 AM »
it's not a 150 in the pic it was the first pistol I picked out to set the barrel rib on
the rib is purely a  trial piece to determine which order the milling operations need to be done
Not the place to get into politics folks.  I'd like to keep this thread open seeing how I've had issues with Walmart shipping policies too.

Nice testimony to them gas piston rifles sir, they WORK. Cabelas had the .177 version of that rifle with a 3X9 on sale for $120 something last time I looked.
Air Gun Gate / Re: HW95 best stock replacement option
« Last post by Bob H. on Today at 04:34:37 AM »

I'll a bit late here, but this might be a solution.  I stopped by Mike Melick's shop in Iowa last year and bought a B-26 with a thumbhole stock.  As I recall, a B-26 is a strong copy of the 95.  At the time, Mike had extra thumbhole stocks for cheap.  Give him a shout at Flying Dragon Air Rifles.

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