Diablo 9/15 Results - Mr. Motorhead Shines

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Diablo 9/15 Results - Mr. Motorhead Shines
« on: September 17, 2013, 04:20:16 PM »
Motorhead is too modest to blow his own horn so I will, he shot a terrific match and had he hit 2 easy offhand shots on the last lane he would have had high score for the day, as such he had to settle for wining the Hunter PCP class!

Jim in Sacramento

From a post on the Yellow by Lonnie Smith

Lots of great shooting this month.....

With some newer shooters in the mix we've had some 1.5' kz'd speckled throughout the course but still had several tough shots to contend with. I estimated the troyer factor to be about a 30 without the wind factor. Riz Marquez and Chris Merrit were on top but tied at 45pts. They settled braggin rights with a 3/8" target at 41yds for the shoot-off. Chris came out on top (w/1 knockdown) and wanted his photo taken with the target.  :D

Lot of respectable shooting happening with several of the newer members to. Many reached new goals..... Ryan Koch joined us for the first time with his R9 in hand and put 25 targets on their backs....Scott invited Frank White and Richard Bowen to join the fun and these two fellas are well on their way to earning their marksman pins....Domingo got his ProSport fixed (broken spring) and returned to former glory posting a 39.... Scott Schneider and Myself both put up personal bests in Hunter precharged and Hunter Piston respectively with 44's.... Jim Cyran, Jim Whittlesey, Son Lu, and John Lindsay all posted 43's from their respective divisions.... WTG guys!

Chris Merritt.... 45
Riz Marquez...... 45
Son Lu........... 43
John Lindsay..... 43

Kevin Yee........ 36

Mike Mckeown..... 31
Erik Ko.......... 30
Ryan Koch........ 25
Jim Poh.......... 24
Pat Raddler...... 8

Scott Schneider.. 44
Jim Cyran........ 43
Frank White...... 30

Lonnie Smith..... 44
Domingo Tayala... 39
Richard Bowen......28
Dennis Winslow... 13

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Re: Diablo 9/15 Results - Mr. Motorhead Shines
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2013, 05:23:28 PM »
It's good to see a lot of piston competitors.
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