Ft.Osage Gun Club Air rifle Matches

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Ft.Osage Gun Club Air rifle Matches
« on: October 19, 2018, 08:47:45 AM »
Hello folks! Last month I posted that Ft. Osage Gun Club was going to start having air rifle matches and we did have  a shooting match of sorts more of a meet and greet and a meeting to decide just what we wanted to do. This coming Oct 27th we will have a match which will consist four offhand matches two at 25 yards and two at fifty yards there will be 10 shots per target with a class or aggregate for open sights Any Metallic Sights (AMS) and a Any Sight (AS) class (scopes).

We will also have two bench rest aggregates with two 25 shot matches shot at 25 yards and and two shot at 50 yards with a agg for Springers and PCP. This will be shot at the "World Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest" targets.

It's possible that we might have a Silhouette Range set up but only have one complete set of animals.

We can also set up a 10 meter range and could have some re-entry targets if anyone is interested?

There will be a $5 sign-up fee and $5 per agg with 75% of the agg fee going back as prize money for the total agg score for each class. All relays will be 30 minutes.

The air rifle matches will start about noon on Saturday.

We are located just off 50 Highway about 30 miles South-East of Kansas City, MO. the range address is;

Ft. Osage Muzzleloaders, Inc.
1637 NW 550th RD
Kingsville, MO.

Any questions please contact me here or with a PM.

Thanks for looking!

Richard Brinkman
  • Cass Co, MO, USA

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