Into the 50's Sheridan rebuild.

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Into the 50's Sheridan rebuild.
« on: October 09, 2018, 04:10:15 PM »
Valve body on this old one is supposed to have a tang at 90 degrees to the right of the exhaust port hole that goes directly up to the exhaust chamber.  (My terminology may not be correct). In reassembling I noticed the factory tang that aligns with a notch inside the barrel was virtually gone so I had no way of making sure it was aligned properly when assembled. I drilled a tiny hole where the tang was originally making sure I didn't go too deep and into the exhaust valve hole. I drove a wire nail into the hole, and cut it off. Still wasn't tight so I soldered it and cleaned it up.  Reset the compression piston head space to maybe a 1/64"  Put all pumping and body back together and with four pumps I got a loud crack.  Still working on the wood and that's another story. This is my first rebuild on an old Sheridan.  Still have a lot to learn.
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