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Update Bwalton
« on: September 04, 2018, 02:41:07 PM »
May 3rd received rifle.  Didn't send me the scope that I ordered didn't have a Box no  structions no lens covers not mounted and the rifle gun was supposed to be tuned and cited in for an easy half inch groups at 50 yd. Never touched my barrel didn't Polish the lead didn't rework the Crown never pulled the silence  apart because it still had the piece of cardboard I stuck in there to take up the slack the tween the silenceor pieces. The regulator wouldn't stop  Leaking so I took it out just so I could shoot gun and see how it  Shot . I tried different palettes at different speeds different fill pressures all  recorded with chronograph and performance of the gun was same as when I shipped it to Baxter. May 16th cent regulator back June 14th one month later received regulator back and still leaking I told Baxter I was disgusted 1500 pellets 5 big tanks of air all for nothing told Baxter if he wanted to make me happy to send me a rifle that was all set up and I would send this 1 back, wasn't gonna happen. June 15th cent air tube and reg back to Baxter to get leak stopped texting him around the 1st of July asking when I would receive that tube and regulator he said right away September 4th have not received yet 2 months latter. I brought new air tube and valve so I could use the gun so what did it all cost me to have Baxter work on my gun Shipping the gun was  $80 $100 in pellets $150 in  new air tank and valve 150 shipping regulator and tank twice $40 for a total of $470 I had the same rifle I started with.
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