Putting out feelers for possible help

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Putting out feelers for possible help
« on: October 07, 2016, 04:54:14 AM »
I've been going back and forth with Cabelas for 2 weeks trying to order a Disco from them. They won't deliver to IL, not even to the store for pick-up. I even went into the store to fill out a special order form and show my FOID card, but corp. denied it because they ship straight from Crosman, not a Cabelas warehouse. I could buy a handgun or assault rifle there, but apparently can't order a pellet gun.  :(
When I filled out the form, Discos were on sale and I have over a hundred dollars of Cabela Club points to use toward it so it would be much cheaper then buying it elsewhere. I'm supposed to get a call from their corporate office, but I'll believe that if/when it happens.

Anyways, I thought it might work if I could find someone with a southern WI address that I could ship it to. I could then pick it up there or at a neutral location (local Walmart?). I'm not sure I'll try this route, but would anyone in southern WI be willing to accept a package for me?
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