Had to upgrade pell trap

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Had to upgrade pell trap
« on: September 26, 2015, 10:58:47 AM »
I just had to upgrade my pell trap. I now have a Texan .45. The 1/8 inch steel failed after 10 shots in same place. I had a old surplus flack jacket from the first Iraq party. I hung it on the back stop with cable ties and let it swing  backward when hit. The 45 pellet hits , it gives and the pellet falls down to the bottom of the nylon cover or falls on bottom of trap. The pellet does not penetrate the Kelvar at all . The vest puckers up and catch's the pellet no bounce or back splash at all. The vest cost me 10 bucks at a surplus sale at a local air base. Ck on line or see where the nearest DRMO is . They also give most Big PD.s a new vest every year ,ck with your police buddies and explain what your using it for he may have several old ones around. Very Quiet. Sounds like an apple hitting a wood fence.
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