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Marauder Gen2 AR style after market modular chassis & stock

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R. Arms Innovations:
The brand new AR style type modular chassis for the gen2 marauders are in stock and ready to be shipped. The reports I have received back from customers that have tried this new system are very positive. It is a great combo for training purposes. The grip, stock, & trigger guards are interchangeable with any standard AR parts. Also a lot of important dimensions are exactly like shooting a AR rifle as far as fit and feel.

Are there any pics of them?

R. Arms Innovations:
Just sent you a message.



R. Arms Innovations:
Thank You for posting the pics Dave!!!

The pics show the new system with some optional accessories. Best part about the new version is that the dimensions from grip & stock to the trigger are the same as a regular AR, making this great for training especially law enforcement or a young person that plans on joining the military or even a ROTC program and naturally regular shooters. Also this system takes all AR trigger guards, all styles of AR pistol grips ( even beaver tail style ), & all AR stocks. It has threaded holes on forearm at 3, 6, & 9 o'clock for optional picatinny rails available as a 3 pack on the website, this allows for a plethora of accessories to be added.
It is a very solid set up, 100% made in the USA out of billet aircraft grade aluminum and hard coat anodized black.


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