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At the Fun Shoot/Airgun Show 2015, I will have as usual some GTA noggin covers available to purchase. Order price is $18 to cover shipping but show price will be $15 each.
I'm also looking at some other items and want to put out feelers to see how this would be received. And these can also be ordered, besides being available at the Fun Shoot, but I will need to add postage to the cost if you order.
As of now, T-shirts are $20 each and Polo shirts are $35 each. And these include the GTA logo embroidered on them, not screen printed. These are NICE shirts also. At the present time, I do not plan on buying and bringing Polo shirts, too much of an investment for me. But the T-shirts, I can bring several sizes and colors. I'm posting a poll here just to see what folks think.
And as always, take a look at the cap thread for current stock level to get yours ordered. Or bring some money to the Fun Shoot to buy there.
Thanks for voting!!!
SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

I would be interesting in seeing what the polo shirts look like.   I prefer shirts with collars and a few buttons for general wear.

I'd still pick up a GTA T-shirt at the fun shoot in large

Geoffrey, here's a thread of the last batch of shirts I ordered.

thank you and yes that polo shirt looks good

i sooooooo badly need a GTA shirt. 

i may have missed it but,

what colors will the tshirts be available in dave?


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