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Welcome and some installation pics


Welcome aboard Dave!
You've got some good products for airgunners.
I remember when you installed one of your adapters on a P-Rod I had at the Roanoke airgun show a little over a year ago.  The fact that you can adjust the butt stock up-down, right-left, and set the cant in or out, made a believer out of me.  With a few iterations of me trying to sight through the scope and you making the proper adjustment to the adapter, you got it adjusted so that when I brought the gun to my shoulder, the scope eyepiece was right there lined up in front of my eye.  No having to scrunch my head and neck around to get a good sight picture.   So much better than the straight-line adapter I used to have.

Here's a picture of a P-Rod double I did recently with one of your adjustable adapters, the folding hinge, and the buttstock.  By looking at the interface in your adapter in the picture, you can see how far I had to drop the butt stock down to get a nice comfortable sight picture. Your adjustable adapter made that possible. Thanks!

R. Arms Innovations:
Thank You Lloyd for the welcome and the compliments! That is one sharp P-Rod w/ plenty of air capacity. I am still LOVING and using my P-Rod with your double tube kit that I received from you at the same show. That combination of parts on these guns makes them great for all kinds of uses. It was truly a honor for me to meet you and even more so to receive a compliment from you on one of my creations. The latest project I have been working on is  " The R. Arms Innovations / Teryx concept". I have teamed up with Alan Burgess who now owns Teryx to help get these chassis' out there and I couldn't resist adding some of my style in with the Teryx. The combo kit also has a adjustable stock. They will be ready for delivery November 1st 2014. I tried to post a picture of what it looks like and the picture posting is not going well.


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