Parts for Opinions: P-Rod Fore Arm Accessory Rail (3D printed)

Author Topic: Parts for Opinions: P-Rod Fore Arm Accessory Rail (3D printed)  (Read 6881 times))

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Re: Parts for Opinions: P-Rod Fore Arm Accessory Rail (3D printed)
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As long as sleep times remain the same it might be doable. I am the senior supervisor of the press dept. at an automotive supplier. This week my second shift supervisor went on vacation and I had to cover him. I went from 12 hours a day to 12 hours a night. I still have to do all my Admin. work and juggle 80 guys and 16 presses in a "just in time" delivery environment. Tomorrow night will be my last night. Sunday I will only have 4 of my 16 presses running so I just need to come in at 6:00pm and make sure all are present and accounted for. Then I can go home and back on my normal routine Monday morning. My body refuses to sleep in the daytime. I have napped 2 hours a day for the past week. 1 week later my first shift supervisor goes on his vacation for  week and I will pull double duty on first shift to cover him. It makes perfect sence that all I want to do when I get home is shoot something.
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