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CDT Address Change
« on: September 17, 2014, 03:26:09 PM »

It is not my choice to have to write this but I must. Due to a serious illness we need to change my address and pay to information on the website order forms. Instead of my name: Pay to Gene Curtis, it will be changed to my wife, Pay to Cathy Curtis. The address will change as well.

We will be having a programmer go in and change the information when it deems appropriate.

My wife will continue to sell the GRT triggers. She is well versed on the triggers and we have worked together on air rifles for years together. She has setup many trigger mods and conversions with me so feel confident that she will continue to give you the quality of service you have always expected.

A bit of history. Bob Werner the original CharlieDaTuna and GRT-III trigger developer and myself have worked together since the early 2000's. We have worked on many projects together and still are active. Bob has retired completely and left my wife and me with the GRT trigger business.I have stopped all projects and my wife and I are only making and selling the GRT III, IV and CBR triggers now.

We have literally thousands of happy customers, US and Euro, that have bought and used the triggers and we get many testimonials every month.

I hope you all will continue to buy and use our products over the many years to come.

My account on the GTA will be closed soon, so please use contact email on the Charliedatuna website if you have questions concerning the GRT and CBR trigger line.


Gene Curtis
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