What to do all winter ... ???

Author Topic: What to do all winter ... ???  (Read 1101 times))

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What to do all winter ... ???
« on: September 16, 2013, 03:48:48 PM »
Hey Hoosiers ...

I just finished writing a message to Jeffrey_K.  In it I told him that I was developing a real strong interest in airgunsmithing.  I  LOVE fixin' 'em, especially the old ones.  I am not accomplished by any means, but I do have some talent and some desire.  So, if any of you share this interest, contact me and we will set up a way to share information.  If any of you guys are actually gunsmiths, all the better.  We have a willing student here who is waiting for his teacher to show up.

Here is what I wanted to tell you.  I bought a Crosman 357 that came in a bag ... a parts bag.  Totally disassembled and, in fact, with a couple pieces missing.  So, I ordered them from Crosman. I also bought a rusty wreck of a 357 but it was all there.  A week or so later I got the parts and headed out to Lake Monroe to get out of the heat in the city and put one good pistol together.  I was sitting at a picnic table, had my tools laid out and was about to start putting the 357 together when I noticed a kid about 14 hanging off in the bushes.  When I looked at him, he came over and said he wanted to watch me put the pistol together.  Fine with me.  Several times I asked him if he thought this should go there or what to do with the next piece.  When it was together and seemed to be working fine, he told me that he wished he could do that.  Bingo.  I know what that means.  Every Grandfather automatically knows what that means.  So, I asked him if here was there with his family, he said he was, and so I asked him if I could meet his parents.  They were at the next shelter so we went over there.  I told his dad what had happened, and asked the father if it was OK to give him the pistol.  The dad grinned, said yes, the kid almost burst from holding his breath, and Dad said, "Now t looks like I will have to get something for myself."  So, I gave the father the other one when he agreed that the two of them would fix it up together. Do I feel good about that?  Am I keeping this a secret?  It made my whole week.  Like my good friend James Brown always used to say, "I FEEL GOOD!"


ps. I didn't realize until I got home that I did something dumb also.  It is a good idea not to take guns, or anything that even looks like a gun, into State Parks or National Parks unless you know for sure that there isn't going to be a problem.  Probably it's best to check with the guy at the entrance hut on the way in.  Or, call your local DNR office.   
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Re: What to do all winter ... ???
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2013, 03:54:34 PM »
Very nice.  I've done the same with several neighborhood kids, but with bicycles instead of airguns.

And to ease your worries, firearms (and airguns) are permitted in state parks, but you aren't allowed to fire them or leave them laying around unsecured.

How do you word it... "Air Guns" or "AirGuns"?
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