Opinions - Break vs. Fixed Barrel specifically Whisper vs CF.X

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Opinions - Break vs. Fixed Barrel specifically Whisper vs CF.X
« on: December 03, 2010, 11:45:28 AM »
First post!

A few days ago I picked up a .177 CFX from the bargain cave at the local Cabelas (display model with metal trigger). After shooting it a few times to test it, I like the accuracy, using just the open sights.

I'd been considering a springer purchase for a while but never pulled the trigger until I saw this gun and was in the Christmas spending mood buying a smaller gun for my daughter. (I tend to sometimes buy gifts for myself when shopping for others.) I always questioned the accuracy of the break barrels and wanted a fixed barrel like the CFX. Theoretically this just seems like it would be more accurate long term. But of course I realize there are many more break barrels around and this must be a very minimal benefit, if any.

After using the rotating breach a few times, I have some concerns. For tighter fitting pellets, I pretty much need a tool or something to get them in enough that the breach won't rub the end of the pellet and although I know I will make sure the pellet is seated well, I'm concerned a family member might not and might ruin the seal. Also, I found that it is easy to forget to close the rotating breach after loading, and the gun has nothing to prevent it from firing it like that. I would assume this wouldn't be very good for the gun.

(Note, I already ordered a GRTIII for it just because I read that was the thing to do :-)

So my question, finally, is - Would the Whisper be a better option for me/family (only if I could find one with a metal trigger)? (I think the display at the Cabelas had a metal trigger and I would try to talk them into selling it.) How much accuracy would I be giving up in reality?

In my mind:
-Slight accuracy advantage.
-Hmmm any others?
-Rotary breach harder to load with
-Risk of damaging seal when pellets not seated deep enough (worried family members might do this)
-Risk of leaving breach open very possible (how bad is this for the gun to fire like this?)
-And I just moments ago read a comment by Charliedatuna that the seals on the rotary breach are weaker than break barrels had should avoid heavy pellets. (Not that I need heavy pellets, but weaker is weaker.)

-Easier to load with break barrel design
-Possible slight accuracy loss compared to fixed barrel?

Note - The gun is just for targets/plinking. My youngest daughter is getting a Ruger Explorer and I wanted something besides my old pump Benjamins for me and the rest of the family to shoot with her. But you never know when it might come in handy for pests.

Anyone with both guns have comments?

Anyone have comments on accuracy of Whisper and break barrels in general compared to CFX/fixed barrels?

Thoughts? Insight?


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Re: Opinions - Break vs. Fixed Barrel specifically Whisper vs CF.X
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2010, 12:43:45 PM »
Just my opinion, and it's definitely a bit biased, since I have both a .177 and a .22 CFX and nothing else when it comes to air rifles.

You are quite right about the somewhat difficult loading routine with the CFX, something that only a bit of time shooting it and better acquainting yourself with its manual of arms will improve.
I prefer to put the buttstock against my thigh, angling the barrel slightly downwards, gently push the pellet into the breech enough that it won't fall out, raise the barrel slightly, then seat the pellet in the rest of the way with a firm nudge from the back of my forefiingernail.
I have shot both of mine thousands of times now, and it has become almost second nature to me at this point.
I will say that the .22 is considerably easier to load, both because the pellets are significantly larger, and because my rather large fingers better fit into the breechblock groove when I seat them.
Another thing I have read of that people do to make loading the CFX easier and not so tough on their hands is to simply use a popsicle stick to do the job.

As for shooting with the rotary breech open, well, you will simply have to make closing it immediately after you load it second nature, just as it should be second nature to click the safety back on safe immediately after each shot.
Shooting with the breech open is not really very damaging, and in fact does far less harm than doing a straight dry fire, but it could eventually damage the breech seals if you made a habit of it.
I mistakenly did that several times with my CFXes when I was first getting used to them, and they didn't seem to suffer any real harm.
I did replace the breech seals (honorable mention goes to daved of GTA for generously sending them to me at no charge, btw) in the .177 recently when I did my first ever mainspring/seal replacement, but I was more interested in seeing how it was done than anything else, since the seals only really gave way when I removed the breechblock itself to do the job.

As for the perceived weakness of those seals, that's something you really need not fret much over, as long as you don't go on an extended shooting session with something really outlandish such as the super-heavyweight Eun Jin pellets.
I regularly shoot both of mine with pellets ranging from the JSB Exact Express (14.3 grain, what I consider the minimum for a medium to powerful springer) up to and including the H&N Baracuda/Beeman Kodiak (10.65 grains in .177 and 21.14 grains in .22) and no problems yet.
In fact, the Baracudas do exceptionally well out of both of them, even though I settled on 15.8 grain JSB Exact Jumbos in the .22 and 9.8 grain H&N Silhouettes out of the .177 because they do the best overall accuracy wise and because they shoot a bit flatter.

One thing you might want to consider where the CFX definitely has as a disadvantage over a breakbarrel such as the Whisper is that it is a bit longer, heavier, and more muzzle heavy.
It would probably not be a very good choice for a small statured person, especially a woman.
I'm 6'4", so it feels just fine to me, but my 5'7" teenage daughter finds it nearly impossible to wield except off the bench.

As for noise level, yes, Gamo sells the Whisper as significantly quieter with its megaphone muzzle break, but the noise levels are subjective.
I finally got to shoot one recently, one of the newer models with the plastic trigger, and the two things that really struck me about it were its incredibly buzzy firing cycle and its louder (at least from the shooter's viewpoint) shot.
By comparison, both of my untuned CFXes are amazingly smooth and quiet air rifles.

Another thing to consider is that all new production Whispers will have the plastic trigger, so if you don't like that, you will either have to wait until CharlieDaTuna (aka Bob) completes his rigorous R&D and field testing of his new GRT-IV trigger, seek a new metal trigger version that hasn't sold yet, or track down a used metal trigger version.
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Re: Opinions - Break vs. Fixed Barrel specifically Whisper vs CF.X
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2010, 03:12:12 PM »
LOL Scott pretty much covered it for you, but I'll add I have the Whisper an once you stuff the hollow stock an do a little tuning on them the buzz/twang pretty much goes away,still some left at the shooter's ear but not bad over all. Your question on acc. of fixed verse's break has been debated for ever,to me as long as bushing's are good an pivot screw is tight you or me are not going to see a difference in them(maybe a top shooter could?). The biggest advantage in the Whisper will be the weight for your family an easy to load. Remember to alway's keep ahold of the barrel as a safety factor while loading(safety first an alway's),just take a magnet with you an be sure the trigger is metal an you will be fine but know also you can get alot of other break barrel's for around the same price, something like a RWS 34 or a bunch of other's... P.S. My tuned Whisper will place 10 shot's in a half dime group at 20yd's when I do my part,you asked about accuracy ;).
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Re: Opinions - Break vs. Fixed Barrel specifically Whisper vs CF.X
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2010, 12:05:22 AM »
Scott and Jay covered everthing except the performance of my tuned and nitro pistoned Whisper. First of all please let me welcome you to the GTA Forum. You will find a wealth of knowledge in the GTA Library and the GTA Mall gives you links to safe and reputable merchants to order from. Don't forget to visit the Chat room for lively conversation with other folks in the air gun hobby. My Whisper has fired in to shooting 5 shot groups with CPHP's at 24 yards that can be covered with 1/2 of a dime! Jay can attest to the accuracy of the air guns.One last thing,the Crosman Nitro Piston takes away all The twang generated by a spring. More mannered and more of a "THWOCK" when fired.I'll wear it out before I would get rid of it! Again, Welcome Aboard!!     Brett
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Re: Opinions - Break vs. Fixed Barrel specifically Whisper vs CF.X
« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2010, 08:08:45 AM »
Scott and Jay did cover everything pretty well.  My tuned Whisper is also similar in accuracy, if I do my part.  Also I must agree with Jay that there are a lot of other options that are what I consider to be of a little better value in the price range.  The RWS 34 is an awesome gun to be considered, had I known more it would have been my first break barrel rifle instead of the Whisper.  Not knocking the Whisper as I do really like it, just a better quality rifle from the outset I feel is the RWS 34.  Just my opinion.  Enjoy the experience with your daughter and teach her safety first.  Welcome to the GTA.

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Re: Opinions - Break vs. Fixed Barrel specifically Whisper vs CF.X
« Reply #5 on: December 04, 2010, 07:18:34 PM »
Thanks for all the thoughts and opinions. If this gun was going to be used just by myself, I don't think I would even be questioning keeping it. But use by other family members is where I'm concerned. I hadn't even thought about the forward weight issue pointed out above for younger/smaller family members. I think that right there might be the deal breaker.

I'd love to keep the CFX for myself and get a break barrel like the RWS 34 for the rest of the family, but getting two adult guns just isn't in the budget right now. (Have also purchased a Ruger Explorer for my youngest for Christmas.)

I was thinking about the whisper because I thought I saw a display model at Cabelas with a metal trigger, and I've already ordered a GRTIII that I could have used on it. But I checked again and the trigger is plastic. So if I return the CFX, I will have a GRTIII I don't need. I guess I can put it in the classifieds here.

I kind of hate the thought of returning the metal trigger CFX to Cabelas and it ending up in the hands of someone who really doesn't care about that and has no plans for a GRTIII.  So, any one interested in buying a like new CFX with about 20 shots through it and a GRTIII still in the bag? I guess I should just put this in the classifieds here.

Thanks again for the welcome and useful feedback!

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