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READ THIS: Reviewing Member Rules for Vendors Gates



Our Vendors Gates are for vendors to share information and to make our members aware of available offers and specials. Our Vendors Gates are not for members to vent their frustrations, make complaints or criticize the vendor. If you have an issue with a vendor, take your issue directly to the vendor by email or direct contact and not on the forum.

1. No criticizing, condemning or demeaning or negative remarks within these gates toward vendors. If you are a repeat offended, you can and may be banned with no questions asked.
2. If members have formal complaints about Vendors they need to deal directly with Vendors through Vendors support or their e-mail.  Do not bring your issues into the Vendors Gates. If you have a problem or dispute with a vendor, take it up with them by personal contact, not through the GTA forum.

An option for membership discussion is to go to the     Buyers, Sellers, Traders Comments    forum,34.0.html

Thank you

The GTA Staff


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