Old Walther 4,5 Model 55 needs repair

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Old Walther 4,5 Model 55 needs repair
« on: June 19, 2012, 11:19:21 PM »
I have a beautiful Model 55, with a walnut tyrolean stock.. All original finish and sharp checkering. This was my first rifle, given to me by my grandfather. I used it to learn how to sight, learn positions, and started my competition run with it. It was a great day when I gave it to my son, so that he could learn in the same way. Unfortunately, it no longer holds pressure, and at 10m, only dents a paper target. Is there someone near central North Carolina that can repair my baby? Please help me!!

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Re: Old Walther 4,5 Model 55 needs repair
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2012, 11:39:17 PM »
First off, welcome to the GTA.

I know there are other members who live in your state or a neighboring state.  Some of them will probably have some ideas who can assist you repairing your Walther who live close to you.  Another option is to send it to somebody who specializes in airgun repair.  Hopefully you can find somebody locally since its usually faster and cheaper going that route.  I wouldn't worry though, it sounds like it just needs a new piston seal, or possibly a spring.  Those are two parts that typically wear out with time, so its likely that's all it will need.

You have a fine old high-quality rifle in that model 55, and it has a lot of memories for you.  I'm sure it will soon be on the road to recovery once a few more members chime in. ;D
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Re: Old Walther 4,5 Model 55 needs repair
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2012, 03:07:18 PM »
Hello ronabarr, and greetings to the GTA.

Calmark gave good info.

I would like to add though....please stop shooting the gun NOW!  The old seals on Walthers were often, even in the old days made from Silicon and these just disintegrate quickly once the power drops. This will FOR SURE cause the piston to hit home metal to metal with increasing damage each and every shot!  The assembly has the threaded part of the seal (the bolt, like a stud) attached to the piston, unlike many other German guns, and this will also bend and the threads will be ruined for future seal replacement.  Re-threading these is tedious as the size is even here in Germany non-conform.  This I know from personal experience.

I am sure you will eventually find a new seal, maybe even the existing one is of leather, and this may even be able to be fixed by someone easily.  Don't fret, but be prudent and in due time the wonderful gun will be shooting again.

PS, never sell  it, it is quite valuable, and not only for your personal reasons.

Greetings from Germany,


PS: The pic shows a kaputt seal.  Kaputt is German for fubar.   ;D
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Re: Old Walther 4,5 Model 55 needs repair
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2012, 01:47:00 AM »
Thanks! We have stopped using the rifle..the pressure drop occurred very quickly, and we benched her. I did some minor disassembly, and saw that the task was outside of my comfort level - especially without instructions. I have been looking for someone to do repairs for almost 2 years. My gunsmith has not worked on air rifles, and call me strange, but I really like to know the people working on my guns..so I would prefer not to ship it off to someone. Really hoping to find someone nearby to help with repairs. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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