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GTA Raffle Changes


The raffle rules changed starting in July 2012. We hate to say this and really don't want this taken wrong. Every penny counts and goes toward maintaining GTA Forums. But these raffle items are worth quite a bit. Every $ counts but folks, remember PayPal takes a little from each donation. If you donate $1 it's hardly worth it, especially after PayPal gets a piece. So starting August 2012, to enter the raffle will be a minimum of $5 donation per entry. can make your donation any amount you can.
Sorry but like I said, these items are WELL worth it. And the fact is MOST members already donate $5 or more.
We are also implementing the requirement that members have a post count of at least 20 and have been a member for a minimum of 30 days. So the requirements to enter the raffle are similar to posting on the classifieds. Thirty days and 20 posts.
Also, winner has 1 week to get back in touch with us to give us a complete name and mailing address. IF we do not hear from you within 7 days of end of raffle, you forfeit the prize!!!!
Again, we do not want to sound ungrateful. It's just not worth the time and effort to log and manage anything less. On the same note, I wouldn't mind seeing a few $50 or more donations. LOL
Just wishful thinking out loud. It does go to a very worthy cause!!!!
Thanks to all that contribute and good luck to all.

Happy Shooting!!!!


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