SUBJECT: Objective And Rules Governing The Vendors Gate - Read Before Posting

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This is a free service provided to both the vendor and the GTA membership by the GTA bringing together vendors and air gunners for the benefit of both. We offer this to further advance the hobby/sport of air gunning by allowing air gunners to have direct contact via our forum with vendors that would like to participate.
Definition of a Vendor: Any Vendor who has been listed in the GTA Mall and or is listed in the GTA Vendors Gate. A vendor is also one who has a website which sells products on the internet. The GTA Member Classifieds are for private sales.

Vendors granted GTA supported status will begin a 6 month probation period to determine that the standards of excellence we require can be maintained. The title of official GTA vendor is and should be a badge of honor for both the vendor and this forum!!!

Vendors should be ready to answer questions pertaining to products advertised, special sales, etc.

We hope that by having vendors here in their own category of gates, it will help both vendors and air gunners to have exposure and firsthand information direct from vendors.
All members have the option to check ignore in their Modify Board settings under "Ignore Boards and Options.
These Vendor Gates will be moderated by the GTA Aministrators to insure quality participation.

The GTA has the right to alter or change rules and requirements of vendors at any time.
Rules for Vendors
 1. In order to qualify for GTA vendor status, you must have been a member here for a minimum of 6 months in order for us to get acquainted with you and you to get to know us.

 2. In order to qualify as a vendor, you must have an operating, multi-product, marketing website that has pricing clearly marked on all products listed for sale.

 3. All GTA Forum vendor prospects must have an established reputation of outstanding customer service to the airgun community that is verifiable.
 4. All vendors must provide a business contact phone number and email address on their website. They must be a US based business. No offshore or eBay only vendors permitted unless they have expressed authorization and permission by the GTA Administration.

5. No posting in a fellow GTA vendor gate to promote, or compete or compare a competing product that the vendor of that gate sells or offers as service. No bashing of any GTA vendor. If you post in a fellow vendors gate, you must post in an existing thread, no creating a new thread in another vendor gate.

6. No Vendors may post products for sale in the GTA Member Classifieds. The Vendor Classified Gate was created for a vendor to list new or closeout items generally not found on their website. Or for listing special sales strictly for GTA members.
 7. No vendor shall criticize, condemn or voice demeaning or negative remarks directed at or to other vendors. This also applies to individual GTA members. Should that occur, the offending vender will be removed.
 8. All other general GTA rules apply in the Vendors Gates.

 9. The above standards of excellence MUST be maintained at all times by GTA approved vendors. If these standards are not maintained, a vendor is subject to having their GTA vendor status removed.

10. Our motto is "We support those that support us!!!" So we ask that all GTA approved vendors stay active on our forum. We ask that you post in YOUR vendor gate at least once a month. This shows involvement in the forum that supports you.

 11. We ask that for all we offer a vendor at no cost, they in turn add a GTA Forums logo to their website for all to see. This is a badge of honor for you and this forum!!!
Member Rules for Vendors Gates

 1. No criticizing, condemning or demeaning or negative remarks within these gates toward vendors. You will be immediately banned
 with no questions asked.

2. If members have formal complaints about Vendors they need to deal directly with Vendors through Vendors process. Do not bring these issues into the Vendors Gates.
 If you have a problem or dispute with a vendor, take it up with them by personal contact, not through the GTA forum.
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