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Welcome Moderator Wayne to the Bargain Gate

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Please be gentle with Wayne and Do NOT make him spend ALL his money here!  We need Wayne to moderate the gate when I am away or on vacation :)  I told him you guys don't make trouble for me here, you just make me spend $$.  I am not sure which is worse :)

Wayne, I 'd let your significant other hold on to your credit cards for a while.

Oh boy here we go, this should be interesting trying to stay away from all the good deals, I usually see what goes into the bargain gate but never usually keep a close eye on it but I'll be doing a much better job since being put in the the bargain gate.  Harry no worries about a significant other anymore, I now watch my money much better since we parted ways(she's gone now which is sad) back in 2005, heck she was making twice the amount of money I was but still wanted to spend all my money too.  I'll try continuing being as frugal a possible though 8)

Good luck, Wayne. Talking about saving your money, I know you'll do fine modding here.

Good to have you, sir!  Shipping issues keep me out of trouble usually.  :-D

Thanks for helping out Wayne. Good luck keeping your money! As the moderator, you'll likely need to follow every link posted and enter your credit card information to verify authenticity...maybe even order a "sample" or two.  ;D


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