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Sometimes I just can't say no to a buying a new tool

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Had a gentleman nearby purchase a QB78 from me yesterday. Instead of charging him shipping I offered to just take it over to him. We talked about my home shop, and how I used to buy and sell lathes and mills before I ended up in the little shop I'm in now.

He ended up telling me he had a little lathe he'd sell for a fair price if I could make room for it. Went in his shop, and it was a Logan Powermatic 12" lathe. Not what I was expecting. I've already got a 13x40 Grizzly in there with hardly any room to spare, but after measuring his lathe about 20 times, I decided to go for it. It will fit, but I'll have to turn it face to face with my current lathe, leaving about 24" between the two. I'm too much of a sucker for machine tools.

It's almost complete. It doesn't have a steady or follower rest. It's in surprisingly good condition other than the rust spots on the stand. The 40ish years of oil and sawdust seemed to have preserved everything nicely. It's got a L00 spindle, so chucks can be had cheap as well. The varispeed works as it should as well.

I won't restore the lathe, but I will clean it up and remove any rust. I'll get some paint to coat the spots to prevent future rust also. I'm torn whether or not to sell it. I know I'd definitely like another lathe, but I was hoping for one that I wouldn't feel guilty running a tool post grinder on.

Sorry for the bad quality photo. It started raining so I had to park the lathe under cover. Hopefully I can get it moved in tomorrow.

Managed to squeeze her in the shop today. Not much room left. Going to start cleaning tonight.

I did notice the varispeed works, but isn't exactly the rpm it's supposed to be. Looks like I'll have some troubleshooting to do.

One thing that's really nice is that chucks can be found in abundance and cheap for the L00 spindle.

Id really like to have a small drill mill and benchtop lathe. I have some projects I would love to do but tooling is stopping me.


--- Quote from: Insanity on February 17, 2019, 06:09:28 PM ---Id really like to have a small drill mill and benchtop lathe. I have some projects I would love to do but tooling is stopping me.

--- End quote ---

I normally try to only buy the tooling I need when I need it. Otherwise I end up buying stuff just because I think I might need it one day, and it sits on the shelf for years. I've gotten better in the past year, but I still get that bug.

Unfortunately, that bug made me justify bringing this Powermatic home. I did luck out though. The chuck is a nice Cushman, and the tool post and holders ended up being Aloris, with a bonus Alrois dovetail drill chuck. I don't use cemented carbide bits myself, but I got about a 40# box of mostly new US made bits with it as well. Those will hit eBay as soon as I sharpen the used ones.

Very nice score indeed.


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