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Springer Backup Rig

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So...does everyone take a backup rig with them to a shoot?

If you do, what's your primary and backup?


My primary is a.

Vortek SHO
Hawke ED 10-50x60mm
Rowan adjustable trigger and adjustable buttstock

Vortek SHO
Hawke ED 10-50x60mm
Rowan extra setback trigger and adjustable buttstock

I know that I SHOULD have a backup rig. I don't. Yet.
Having said that, since it would require purchase of a second rifle, I would most likely get a second HW97 as my backup just for simplicity in keeping spare parts on hand.
Ed, how often have you needed to go to your second rig?
PS: I LOVE having a reason to buy another rifle. THANKS!!!  ;)

Elo76: of now...I haven't had to use a backup rig.  I just relied on my D34 last season which served me well but is now setup solely for Gunslynger.  I purchased the TX and HW late in the year to see what I would like better.  I set them up the same.  Right now I'm liking the TX so I already contemplated buying another to have 2 exact setups.  I will decide sometime throughout this season once they get some matches under their belt.

Yep, understood, Ed.
I do replace the spring every season, even if the rifle is shooting great.
Proactive peace of mind.

If I were investing a big hunk of money to travel to a contest, I think I'd be very motivated to have a backup rig.
Best wishes,
Boinger Bob

When going to a big 2 or 3 day match i belive a backup rifle is smart to have.

When going to worlds I was lucky enough to have multiple  offers to borrow backup guns as I only had on WFTF Piston  gun.

Keeping the guns the same model is nice, spare parts like a spring kit and seals are drop in for both guns.

My main:
Chopped hw spring and my own guide/ tophat
Hawke Sidewinder ED 10-50
Rowan Extra set back
RAM 1.5" ball socket mount (hamster)

Tac Vector 10-40 Gen 2
Same Ram mount.

Now that the wife will potentially  be shooting  piston my spare has now become her main (if I don't get a different gun better for her)

Backups are nice. I bring scopes and kits all ready to go with pre determined numbers on them.


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