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Simmon Truplex 3-9x50 Matte $19.99 free shipping @ Amazon

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Is this scope good enough for springers ?

I see nothing to indicate the scope is rated for a spring piston air rifle.  On top of that it does not appear to have an adjustable objective.  Most scopes are set to focus at a hundred yards.  Shooting targets closer means introducing parallax error.  Airguns are very prone to parallax error with these scopes because with an airgun distances are usually fifty yards or less - much less.  In simpler terms - I wouldn't put that scope on an airgun.

My Ruger Yukon smoked 2 Simmons scopes, Before switching to center point, I donít think Simmons are springer rated

I don't think it will hold up to a springer ..... but for $20, it'll sit nicely on a PCP!

Ordered one .....  I hate "Bargain gate" ....

I placed an order knowing that the parallax will not be great for airguns. The picture seems to indicate that they cannot be manually adjusted either.
I'm sure they will find a home on something.


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