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Field Target Concord Ca - 2/17/19 Puerto Rico Tune Up Opportunity

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Good evening!
Field Target this coming Sunday, 2-17-19. Weather looks iffy, but whether (!) you come or not, we're shooting.

8:30 am for setup, 9:00 am start.  First 10 shooters warm up in the long bay, Bay 1, so come early and stake your claim!
Sight in starts after the safety briefing, please keep guns cased until the range is open for practice.

This will be a tune up match for those going to Puerto Rico next week, Feb. 22nd-24th.
We'll make the course a little harder than last time, but the fun factor will still be pegged to "Full"

20 ft lbs limit, .22 cal and under, $10 for Diablo members, and $15 for guests. Youth 18 and under shoot for free, but need an adult supervisor.

Don't have a gun, pellets? - > We have you covered, send me an email.

A dear friend and member of our club, Dana Fitzgerald passed away Sunday the 3rd. To honor his memory, we'll be renaming the Offhand lane in Bay 3 after him-
he hated that Station and he'd get a kick out of having it called after him.
For this match, come and have a shot in his honor- one free shot at this station, in case you don't clean it. As he would like to say: "shot's on me!"

Quick summary- we had a beautiful day, skies blue and full of white fluff. Redtails danced and shrieked overhead as the targets fell, and fall they did.
There were some tricky setups-  a red cardinal with a 1/2" kz at 29 yards, a black owl, 1" kz at 42 hidden in the dark shade of the corner of bay 1. The KZ was black rimmed and almost unknowable. One had to shoot by feel.

5 offhand stations, with a tributary "mulligan" in honor of Dane Fitzgerald, if needed. We lost one of the good ones with Dane passing, but two of the other good ones returned to us and knocked off the rust. Welcome back Robb and Jack, good to see you in good health. A final welcome back to the man in the bowler- still shooting one of those windup guns.

The range was especially hard to set up today- we had to convert the Action Pistol range into an air gun range, moving heavy wooden shooting stations for access to the land beyond. Jim Mizer, Eric Shieh, Dana and Steve D' really put their backs into both setting up and tearing down. Everyone did something, and it was a great result.

Eric Shieh shot his 4th match with his Swedish pop gun and tied for 1st in Hunter PCP- and won his Sharpshooter metal to boot.

Here are the totals- Riz is heading to Puerto Rico Tuesday morning for warm weather and high winds at their GP. 

Jim M. didn't have his score on the board, Hunter PCP with a 37. 

Next month- Diablo has their match on the 3rd Sunday (St. Patrick's Day!) and then Sac. Valley kicks off their season on Saturday the 23rd, in Ione.
It's going to be a great Spring!

Way to go, Friends!
Hey, is that green grass on the berm? Whooooa.

FRED, way to keep those WFTF guys on their toes, amigo.
RIZ, go stoke those fires in Puerto Rico. They are a fun bunch of fellows, so I know you'll fit right in.

PS: Martin, look at this cool quilt my wife made

Holy guacamole!  That's an amazing piece of art.  She's gifted- can she shoot too?
Thread that the needle through the face plate at 55 yards!
Dana Wise shared that Jim Mizer didn't post his score, I'm adding it to the results comments above, fyi.  The field had it's challenges, with small holes and weird perspectives of shadow and light.

Darn, that is some great shooting by a lot of people. Should be a fun season in front of us. Great to see the Davis duo back in action, they were missed. Nice tribute to Dana, we should keep that off hand mulligan in place all season in his memory.

Sarge and I were out pheasant hunting and had a great day as well. See you next month.

Jim in Sacramento

Sacramento Valley Airgun Club


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