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Best airgun work stand for the $$

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I've been wanting a work stand for some time now so I can stop clamping my guns in woodworking clamps. What do you people suggest as the best stand for the money? Looking for under $100.

I'd like something that would also hold pistols, and that will allow me to use my new trigger pull gauge. Maybe something I can also shoot from?

Right now I'm eyeing this.




I have one and it works very well for everything I have tried in it, PB, air guns and pistols etc,
I also use it for my starling sniping station.

If you watch this seller, he has them for this price, refurbished,
which is what I got, looked new, when I received it,
it will save you a little funds.


Thanks for the tip Don.

So by your comments I assume that one can shoot from it? I read on Amazon that you could not.

 For shooting and working on guns out of the 3 I own so far this is tops. I have the hyscore and the champion style also. Next week I will have the MTM gun vise also, but it seems more for repair than shooting same as the hyscore. The champion is the best dual purpose for the $ OMO

I went with the CTK P3.  Very light when taking it anywhere,  and American made.  Works really well too, and you can add the shooting rest anytime, but I just use the vise.


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