What are the BIG airgun forums around the world?

Author Topic: What are the BIG airgun forums around the world?  (Read 699 times))

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Re: What are the BIG airgun forums around the world?
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I've also noticed a lot of the rules on forums have changed and it's much more time consuming to gain access to these forums. I had a hard time just signing up to gain access to this forum. I had to try multiple times. And then when I gained access I had to write up an introduction before I could look at any of the forums are post. And then I had to reply / post 20 times before I could post a picture.  I understand. You're trying to eliminate spammers and you have been successful however you have also eliminated a large amount of regular people that can gain access two similar information easier and faster from elsewhere....

One of the forums I'm a moderator of (not an AG forum) had a terrible problem with spammers ten years ago or so.  It was taking a huge amount of my time to keep cleaning up after them and banning them and kicking them out.  Often I was able to kick them out before they even posted.  What many spammers don't realize is that they leave a trail in the internet, and we can find out about them before they hit our forum.  But what made the job much easier was when the forum owner implemented some capcha and questions that could only be answered by humans, and checked the applicant's trail on the internet, and turned them down if it found spam.  This all happens automatically.  Now there is seldom any spam.
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