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FWB 80 anatomical grips?


  How should they fit my hand? How can identify what size I have and what I need? I'm just getting started in 10M pistol and have purchased a FWB 80 and think the grips are to small as they seem to scrunch up my hand. Today I removed the bottom piece and the grip felt better but not as solid as with it.

Thanks, Justin

I do not know if there is a part number on the grip.
That is a problem when purchasing used.

If you cannot fit your hand with the palm shelf on and in the lowest position, you need a larger grip.

And that is going to be HARD to do.  I doubt FWB has any inventory of old grips.  The FWB-80 is from about 1982.
There is a very small chance that some of the 3rd party grip makers "might" make a grip for the FWB-80.

After talking to my shooting buddy I'm going to shoot it for a while before doing anything with the grips.

Thanks, Justin

If you have some $$$ for a fitted grip, I'd go here

If you want to try to mod yours to fit, read this.

Thomas Rink's website has some good tips if you nose around it a bit. Look under "Helps".

He's also a good guy to deal with, not to mention his outstanding product line.


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