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Butt hooks on spring-piston rifles?

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Any consensus on this question?
Consensus? On GTA?? HAAAA ... of course not, silly boy.

Okay. Is there any strong evidence that a butt hook that is fitted such that it still allows fore-aft motion during the firing action offers any advantage on a spring-piston WFTF rifle? I've tried cruising photos of European matches to see what's being used at their recoiling rifle meets, but the Google search tends to mix in PCP guns, too.

I'm using an adjustable RAW butt hook and wondered if something more form-fitting over the shoulder would be a good upgrade.

Dockey 454:
Bob, been shooting FT for about 6 years, and never seen anybody with a hook on a spring gun. I think it would interfere with the natural movement of the gun IMO.

I primarIly shoot spring rifle in FT.  They are in use where I shoot FT and according to the guys that use them they like them.  They are also typically our high piston shooters but they were before the butt hook.  I have held off getting one due to cost and it would appear to me I would need to shorten my stock.

Matt Brackett (American WFTF shooter) uses a 3D printed over the top arc hook with a under side paddle. I think 2018 AAFTA Piston WFTF Nationals champion Steve English uses one. Some the Canadian WFTF piston shooters use one. Brian Sampson an English WFTF piston shooter designed one that Matt uses. I have one on my PCP but not on my LGU. Itís a matter of personal preference.

Thanks, gents.
I appreciate the input.
Good to hear from you all.


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