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I have been an air rifle owner for 2 years. Currently, I have a Gamo Mach 1 .22 and a FX Wildcat .25 Compact. I moved up the caliber ladder due to the of number raccoons, coyotes, and other nuisance species visiting my property. I want to insure if I have to take action, I will do so in humane manner. I have also become interested in tuning my .25 compact; and, have invested in the equipment to do so. I feel this forum will help me to learn as well as to share my experiences. After having carried an M-16 for 2 years in Viet Nam (68-70), I never really had a desire to own a weapon. Now, living on the forest's edge in upstate South Carolina, that has pretty much changed. 


Welcome to the GTA Nick.   8)

Welcome to GTA, glad to have you here!

Welcome to GTA Nick !!!

Welcome to the GTA Nick!


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