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entry level 10m pistol?

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Hope I've got the right gate here... if not, kindly scoot me over to the right place.   ;D

I'm thinking about picking up an entry level 10m match pistol at some point.  I don't have any competitions around me as far as I know.  I'm just looking to learn more about, and practice, 10m target shooting.  It seems like an interesting facet of the hobby and a nice graduation from my rampant plinking.

I was interested in the FAS 6004 but I've seen some bad reviews for it, stating it has pressure issues?  I also considered the Air Venturi V10 but I don't like that it's got plastic parts.  I'd prefer to avoid PCP and I'd like to have some flexibility with adjustments and modifications so I could fit the pistol to my preferences.  I'm looking to spend around $500.

Does anyone have recommendations for such a thing?


Hoosier Daddy:
I had a very similar thread a while back.
I am on my cell phone now but will put a link to it here for you when I am home.
Lot of good input there. ;)


--- Quote from: Hoosier Daddy on January 18, 2019, 08:25:57 PM ---I had a very similar thread a while back.
I am on my cell phone now but will put a link to it here for you when I am home.
Lot of good input there. ;)

--- End quote ---

I *knew* I should've clicked through some more pages before posting!  I tried the search feature but I guess I didn't search for the right stuff.

Be safe getting home!

As HD said, there is an older thread with the same question.

If you are willing to budget $500, sounds like you are semi-serious.
Are you interested in serious competition or just to shoot 10m yourself ?

There is nothing wrong with using plastic on an AP, if it is used in the right places.
An all metal AP could result in a heavy AP and one that is very font-heavy balanced like the IZH46M.

All of these are SSP:
- Daisy 747  (More for casual 10m shooting than competition.  Grip does not have a palm shelf, which I consider mandatory in a match pistol. If your hand sweats, the plastic grip will slip in your hand-fix is a small square of "non-skid" on the backstrap.  Separate bolt allows for easy dry fire. Daisy seems to have discontinued the 747.)

- IZH-46 / 46M  (Rather front heavy for many.  Shoots WELL.  Large grip, expect to carve the grip to fit your hand.)

- Pardini K58  (A rather in demand SSP pistol, so when one comes on the market, it gets grabbed quickly.)

- FWB-100

Another option is a used spring match AP, like the FWB-65.

Are you open to co2?  You can get older co2 match pistols close to/around your budget.

Hoosier Daddy:
Here it is Chris...

There was also this one...
PS, the AV10 used to be called the Gamo Compact before Air Venture got a hold of the sole distributorship.


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