Barrel tension and trigger adjustments for HW50S

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Barrel tension and trigger adjustments for HW50S
« on: January 15, 2019, 12:45:38 AM »
Hello, Iím the prowd owner of a new Hw 50s .22 and Iíve got a few questions about itís setup. Iím using open sites and only plan to add an aperture for itís designated 35yd and under range.
 Having owned a Beeman r9 in the past that was practically tuned out of the box I was expecting the same from this HW. While it is doing nicely the tension of the barrel upon return from cocking is pretty stiff and the weight of the trigger seems a bit high.
Iíll start with the trigger question. I adjusted the rear screw slightly to lower the weight of pull and ended up introducing a noticeable creep in the second stage. I have attempted to rerun it back to the factory setting but am still playing with it to dial thet creep back out. Iím guessing  the angle of the sear is also effected by the adjustment screw for the trigger weight. Looking at a schematic it looks as if it works in tandem with the bolt at the fron of the assembly. Is this correct or is thee some other thing at play here. I was able to dial my r9 in to a lighter pull easily simply by giving the rear screw a hint of a turn. Also will I have to find a way to loctight this screw once I get the creep out again?
As for the barrel adjustment. The gun is shooting pretty well as is and I donít have to work too hard to open or close it.. if I leave it alone, will it wear the block and seal out early? Also does inconsistent lockup only show when you are using a receiver mounted sight? In other word may I have a problem without knowing it yet?
Iíve heard the barrel should move freely and stay where you leave it after the cocking stroke.. itís feels a lot tighter than this at the moment. I do want to get some moly on the linkages and the barrel tension bolt washers of this thing but is it really all that important on a new gun? Itís my understanding the the right bolt locks in the adjustment one makes to the left tensioning bolt or do you just loosen the right one a little to lighten the tension on the barrel. Also must one have the gun disassembled to adjust barrrel tension ?
Thanks for any input!
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Re: Barrel tension and trigger adjustments for HW50S
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2019, 01:15:11 AM »
If this is a new gun, you may find more info on the german board. I know is info is somewear here, on the forums I'm getting old and can't remember where  ??? lol
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fwiw Joe
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Re: Barrel tension and trigger adjustments for HW50S
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2019, 01:27:39 AM »
Hi, Danny.  You need to remove the action from the stock to access the sear engagement adjustment screw. It's a small torx screw in the front of the trigger assembly. IIRC turn it clockwise to decrease 2nd stage creep.
The right side of the pivot is a lock nut, so loosen that first, then you can adjust the tension with the left side.
I've had a few HWs that needed the sear adjusted.  My new 50 didn't need that, but it did have a tight pivot. The locknut was so tight, I had lay all my weight into it to break it loose. I hadn't had that issue other HWs.
Good luck with yours!
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