Tensioned barrel

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Tensioned barrel
« on: January 11, 2019, 07:41:18 PM »
I have a quick few questions, thanks, First does the new shroud help with noise?  (Marauder .25) Would you recomend just a new L.W.barrel?, tensioning the Green mtn barrel? Tensioning a new L.W. barrel?  Also wondering if you could just sell a marauder top end kit all milled to fit together?  I recently shot a fox with the marauder and it did great! there are pics , and a story in the hunting section. I would like to push mk11's over 920 fps and have accuracy, over 820?fps the green mtn barrsl starts spitting funny. Thanks Dave
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Re: Tensioned barrel
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2019, 12:18:19 PM »
Dave, our tensioned barrel does away with the air stripper, so the end user needs a standard 1/2-20 threaded moderator to cut down on noise.

Have you tried different pellets in your current barrel? I doubt tensioning is going to help much in a barrel that doesn't already shoot decently. You might try polishing up your bore with a cotton bore mop and some Flitz. I'm not sure the twist rate of your barrel, but you shouldn't see accuracy issues at that velocity. I've noticed that on average, around 880 seemed to be the sweet spot for the 25.4 gr pellet. As far as pushing pellets over 920, most current barrel have too fast of a twist rate and cause accuracy issues.

We've seen great accuracy from the LW barrels, both tensioned and not.
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