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It's back!! RWS 34P .177 at Cabelas - $150 (w/4x32AO)[Deal dead (again) @05Feb]

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$150 shipped - synthetic stock, T06, w/ 4x32AO 1" and RWS droop-comp one-piece lockdown mount.

[ Is this deal a zombie? or just perpetual reincarnation? No complaints either way. ]
23Jan19: Out of stock
24Jan19: Back in stock
30Jan19: Out of stock
31Jan19: Back in stock
05Feb19: Out of stock
... ?

"Hey Mister, is this a game of chance?"
   "Not the way I play it."

I jumped on the last sale and am super happy with the RWS 34P. It is very accurate and does not seem to be hold sensitive or to pellet picky. If you're on the fence about this deal just DO IT!!

Wow. Thatís give away pricing!   Cheaper than Iíve bought used ones without a scope and mount!

Mine is awesome.  Got it on this deal several months ago.  Ya really cannot beat this deal.

Is it 7.4 pounds with the scope, or without?


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