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The Evil 34 Twins


Both were via those recent bargain gate @ Walmart and Cabelas. They have the 2 different D34 ARH kits and Apex piston seals in them, Motorhead tuned, BKL rings/Hawke scopes. Small pest assassins.     ;D

What's the front thingy you have going on there?


--- Quote from: mobilemail on January 08, 2019, 07:05:13 PM ---What's the front thingy you have going on there?

--- End quote ---

Open sights are not an option for me so removed them and had Mororhead make/install delrin handle; thus gripping/cocking a bunch easier.  ;)

Very nice. I took off the sights too, but the muzzle cover had to stay because the barrel underneath had an angle cut that I found to be unsightly. Your solution is more elegant.


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