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Talk to me about a 2040

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Hoosier Daddy:
I am a Modder at heart. ::)
I've had a 2240 that progressed to a 1740 and a CCS 2300. Morphed between both pistol and Carbine. More sighting options than you can shake a stick at.
I am really impressed with the .20 cal. 'Dans I own. Both C pumpers and an F that is CO2.
The new offering from JSB in .20 made a believer out of me that this caliber is not going away any time soon.
 We should all know the stock 2240 is plenty strong for a pistol and there are tons of upgrade (rabbit hole is deep).
 I have done a search for 2040 with limited hits (2) on a .20 cal 2240, 2400, 2500 builds.
I see Mellon air has a LW .20 barrel suited for it, but at $160 for the barrel alone, that is a show stopper.
Surely there has to be an easier way.
I saw the Crosman SSP was available with a .20 liner, but those are scarce as hens teeth.
 Thinking an old Streak with barrel separation maybe a good donor?

Any help , recommendations or advice is appreciated.

Here is mine after installing barrel, bolt, and Prod shroud. I did some trigger work to smooth things out. Put a Gamo red dot on to see how things were going to go.

Same gun with the Hipac installed. Poly TP added. Was getting about 18 shots on CO2 and around 9ish good ones on 1200psi HPA.

As it looks now, with 2 Prod barrel bands, a smaller Daisy red dot, a Magpul foregrip, blue fork trigger, Hogue AR15 pistol grip, and 4 oring stack BSB. I'm not at home, so I can't give any numbers, but 6 orings brought it down to around 350ish. ;)

Wyoman would probably have the best advise about converting to a .20.

I don't know what's going on with my computer, but it won't preview with pictures. I guess I'm gonna have to bite that bullet....  :-\


Hoosier Daddy:
Thank you Terry,
 So this where you found the barrel /probe combo you used?


You can .20 blanks directly from LW for $112. Not exactly cheap, just mentioning it because you mentioned another for $160.

And did you mean Mountain Air instead of Mellon? I didn't see any .20's on Mellon's site.


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