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Flex dissassembly?

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How does the breech come apart on the Flex? I currently have the transfer tube stuck in the breech( likely freezing the barrel in the breech too). So what comes apart first, second and...?

On top of your breech there are 4 alan screws that you unthread and your breech and barrel will come off the lower assembly. If you have a scope on you will have to take it off to remove those screws. Once that is off you will have access to your transfer port and there should be 2 o rings that are on each side of your transfer port. Alan tool is a 3/32 that you will need to take off breech.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I can send some pictures too. I currently have my .30 cal taken apart for upgrades.

I have the top end off, tension nut and shroud removed. I need to separate the barrel from the breech. The transfer tube is not coming out. It looks like it has to come out, so that the barrel can be slid backwards and the snap ring removed....but I have noooo idea.

The transfer port sometimes gets stuck in either the breech side or the valve side. I've found it hard to remove on my war guns at times but you can usually get it using your fingers and wiggling it back and forth until it comes out. If you really can't get it I would suggest needle nose pliers but I'd use a rag so that way your not grabbing the transfer port directly with the pliers. If you have to do this be carful not to bend the transfer port and just pull it without prying it. Just wiggle back and for like pulling a tooth. lol. Once that's out you can get your barrel to move around. Also look for a grub screw at the end of the breech where the shroud goes, my flex has a grub screw that's holds it as well.  I'm not sure if this was just an early design or if jim still puts that on newer rifles as well.

You actually don't need to remove the TP to remove the barrel. At least that's not on the newer style ones. How there designed the TP doesn't touch the barrel. There is a small grub screw above the TP to loosen up that pushes the barrel to seal it.


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