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Loss of power Flex .30

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Straight Shooter:
I do hope you guys can help?

I had not shot my Flex 30 cal for about a month and yesterday discovered it has lost power when I tried to shoot some targets. So much so at my 100 yards target the pellets are falling 12 feet short of the target using my normal aim point. I have also noticed the bolt handle is harder to pull back and the rifle sounds different when I shoot it.
Itís regulated with a cobra valve, any ideas?

(Obviously I have checked itís fully charged with air and itís not a scope issue.)

If you have the plastic hammer, it's had a problem swelling up and dragging.  Mine would shoot at proper speed for the first few shots and then the plastic would warm up and drag.  It would lose 200fps by shot 20. War makes a skeletonized polished steel hammer for it now.  Cured mine.  Regards, Tom

Straight Shooter:
Ok thank you for the prompt response
Sounds like thatís the issue

Yup I'd look into the steel hammer Jim makes now. Can't remember the name of it but solves the issue!

The lightning hammer. It's not showing in the store and there is a message on the home page from Jim about how he is scaling way back on WAR due to his full time job.


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