Diana 250 Combo Bullseye Mount and Scope in .22 Caliber - Review by AirgunWeb

Author Topic: Diana 250 Combo Bullseye Mount and Scope in .22 Caliber - Review by AirgunWeb  (Read 77 times))

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PyramydAir has brought to market a great new starter airgun, the Diana 250 Combo.  This new combo includes the Diana Bullseye Mount and a Diana Scope.  The mount is spring loaded to help reduce the effect of spring airgun recoil on sensitive optics.  This effectively eliminates scope shift and creep on the rail while maintaining proper and accurate zero shot to shot.  The mount is compatible with both 1 and 30 mm scope tubes.

Man its a great time to be an airgunner!!!

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Diana 250 Combo in .22:

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One reason I bought my D250 is with the cost of the scope and mount separately it's like I got the gun for about $40 and I like the looks. FYI: the mount will take 1" and 30mm tubes.

I don't think it kicks hard enough to need a Z mount so I set it aside for a magnum.

Like Rick said the triggers not very good but after looking at it me and my GRT trigger expert put-'er-in-'er believe a GRT trigger will fit. Then it will be a keeper!
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