It's been awhile now, what is the long term consensus on the Yong Heng ?

Author Topic: It's been awhile now, what is the long term consensus on the Yong Heng ?  (Read 1029 times))

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Interesting!  I've often wondered why two ShoeBox F-10's couldn't be paired up.

Yes, it would cost a grand, but they have a very good track record for long life  run singularly. something the Y-H does not have.  ;)
A dual Shoebox setup would still need 125 psi input/2CFM (each) from an oil-free compressor, and that still would be slower than the dual YH's.
 He actually started off with a single Shoebox, but the excessive run time to fill our 88 Cu. Ft. tanks was annoying to him.
 He reports that the dual YH setup is much faster than the Shoebox could ever hope to be.

I have more than enough feed air. With what I use a compressor for, big bores, and fill nearly ever day.And the  25% failure rate of the YH  doesn't interest me.

Not that I would go with two ShoeBox F-10, but if I did, I would trust them. I've used the SB, a used one for over 8 years with little trouble. Replaced it with the Altaros, which uses what 10+ shoe boxes would use for feed air. LOL ;D

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Seeing the thought on running two Shoebox F-10s together for speed of fill, I though I would clarify that one shop compressor (and one pre-Shoebox desiccant dryer) would have no problem supplying the Air to both compressors simultaneously.

The Shoebox website says that you need a shop compressor that can put out 2 cfm, but that is simply a very low number that a) almost any compressor that puts out the 125psi air can meet, and b) allows for some downtime for cooling of the air charge.  The actual flow rate used by the Shoebox F-10 is actually ~0.2 cfm (10 cubic feet per hour divided by 60 minutes) . . . . so pretty much any compressor that would work for one unit would support two.
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Well, thanks for the contributions but I ended up getting a Nomad.
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Well, thanks for the contributions but I ended up getting a Nomad.

Congrats!  I hope it serves you well! 

After you have had it long enough be sure to report back your experiences with it!
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And a Shoebox F10  :-)

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