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.40 cal 400fpe Flex


Do the parts exist to make a flex a .40 cal producing at least 400fpe? I ask this because I live in Maryland and those are the legal requirements to hunt with an air rifle here.

I have a flex in 308 cal however it is only producing 146fpe using a 118gr round nose.

Producing 400 FPE in a .40 cal is not easy.... You will need a lot of pressure and/or barrel length, and full bore-size porting with no restrictions to the flow.... Scaling up the performance of your .308 cal.... including increasing the port sizes in proportion with the increase in bore.... would result in about 256 FPE.... In addition, all aspects of the load bearing components (bolt lockup, etc.etc.) have to be beefed up to take loads proportional to the FPE increase....


So, I should look for a new gun that can meet those standards? I'm not capable of making changes to the gun, I was hoping for some drop in parts.

The law also allows the use of an arrow must shoot at least 300 fps, 18in length with a broad head min of 7/8 inch. Would the .357 flex barrel be capable of during that?


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