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Utah Air Guns now a NSA Slugs Stocking Dealer


Nielsen Specialty Ammo is please announced that Utah Airguns is our first USA based dealer to stock NSA slugs.

Justin and Austin and their whole crew are great to deal with and UAG is showing a lot of energy, innovation and passion for this great sport we all share together.

We have rolled out a selection of ammo to Utah Air Guns giving a variety of calibers and weights. Like any business they want to stock what sells so if there is ammo you would like to see them carry let them know.

One big advantage of buying from UAG is they have the ammo in stock when you order. When you order direct from us we make the ammo to order and we don't stock any ammo so it will take a few days before we can ship it. If you are in a hurry for ammo get to the UAG site where it is stocked and ready to ship.

Don't forget about ammo when you buy your next airgun from Utah Air Guns.

Very cool! Wish both companies the best of luck as they continue to support our sport!

UAG seems to be growing very fast and supplying all kinds of different products.


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