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Slugs changed?


So, I bought some of the 39 gr slugs a while back and they shoot ok in my Condor, but I wanted to try some lighter ones. I ordered the 34.6 and 36 gr and found that they are a lot looser in my barrel than the 39 gr. So much as to when I point the barrel up, they will fall out. I measured the three weights and came up with this.


Has something changed? Should I be in a specific velocity range with your slugs? Maxed out the 39 gr shoot in the 917 fps range with my current setup. Lets hear your thoughts.

My guess is you need to seat them a bit further in because they are not engaging the rifling.  It depends on how deep your leade in is, if it is shallow they will engage sooner and if it is deeper the shorter bullets will have to be seated a little deeper.

Nothing has changed in the slugs, they are made inside of a die.

Ill push the two lighter slugs into the barrel and see where they engage the rifling at. I just thought that with the two lighter weights being smaller in diameter that maybe you changed things up a bit.

What velocity range do you think I should be in? The 34.6 gr was pretty wild and looked like it was spiraling down range when I shot it at full power.


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