Barska glx 11yr. Review

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Barska glx 11yr. Review
« on: December 11, 2018, 06:50:25 PM »

Decided to do a long term review of this unit I purchased at Bucks in Daytona beach in 2007.
Paid $99 in 07.
Guesstimate 25k rnds. with it mounted.
All on springers or gas pistons..
Since day one the pressure switch was used.

No hiccups at all with the switch, battery life actually better than I expected, always used Energizer batts.
Very bright designator at night and fairs well in day up to about 25yds.
No looseness in the mounts after all the times it's been mounted.
Just recently, the adjusters have started do act as if they are on a cam, so when adjusting u/d, l/r they act al bit eccentric.other than that I have been thoroughly pleased.
Read a lot of negative reviews and just figured I should put my experience here.
Not sure what the deal is with the adjusters acting up though.but I got my $$$ worth.
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