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1000 yards 2 inch group or less

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 Just wanting some opinions on 1000 yards under 2inch ctc group with an air rifle..... Should I try it or should I forget it ..... 

1000 yds? That’s a very tall order.
A 2” group @ 200 yds is tough enough. But by all means give it your best effort. 😎

Wow, I say definitely try.

What's your rifle/setup?  How many shots are you planning for your group?


.308 Texan 3 shot group

Brian, your desire the push the envelope is awesome.  :D

My airgunning so far has been happening in the basement of the gun power levels, so I'm not really up on anything happening beyond a couple hundred yards....

So, are there many shooters reaching 1000 yards – and hitting anything smaller than the broad side of a barn?
If you've got a few links to 1000 yard airgunners, I'll take your click bait...!!  ;D ;D

Your specific goal of 2" – with 3 shots – is indeed very specific.
Is there any record you'd like to break, a bet to win, or why 2" (and not 2MOA, or any other number)? Why 3 shots (which is by some not really considered a group quite yet)?

What pellet/slug are you planning on using? How much power does your gun have? (I'd love to run the numbers in ChairGun!)

Good luck, Brian, I think this is awesome. 


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