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***Nov-Dec 2018 GTA Support Raffle***

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*** PLEASE read this entire post thoroughly before entering the raffle!!!! ***

All proceeds go toward maintaining GTA Forums and keeping the doors open for all to enjoy. Since we are a non-sponsored forum, we rely on these raffles and donations by members to cover monthly server costs as well as upgrades/updates. And to fund our annual GTA event. THANKS to all that donate items for the raffle and especially to those that participate. Remember you CAN donate even if you aren't interested in the raffle item(s).

MUST be 18 years of age or older to enter.
Neither GTA Forums, it's staff or the prize donor is responsible for any injury incurred from the use of this item!!!!
Those that enter are responsible for knowing your state and local laws governing the ownership and use of any airgun!!!


As a reminder, we have set a MINIMUM donation of $10 each number pick to enter this raffle. You are NOT limited to $10 per donation, you can donate whatever amount you can of $10 or more.

** EACH number pick requires a separate PayPal donation of at least $10. **

** You MUST have been a member for at least 30 days as of the start of the raffle and have a minimum post count of 20 to be eligible to enter!!!! **

** EACH number pick requires a separate PayPal donation of at least $10 for the monthly raffle. Up to 4 entries per person. If this is your FIRST time to donate to GTA, you can pick two numbers for your first entry. This will give first time donors up to 5 number picks, only for the FIRST ever donation to GTA Forums. **

** Click on the Donations link above ( to send PayPal or to get address to send money order. **

** After you send your PayPal donation, make a post in this thread with your number pick(s) from 1-500. This puts a date/time stamp on YOUR numbers to prevent a dispute.
PLEASE state the type of payment you are making in your post, PayPal or postal money order. Money orders must be received and numbers verified before you are eligible to win. Your GTA user name needs to be on the money order as well as the numbers you pick. And it would be helpful to add this information in the note section of a PayPal transaction.

** Winner MUST notify the forum administration of your complete mailing address within 14 days of the announcement of your winning. If you do not respond with your information within that time frame, you will forfeit your prize. It will be used to support GTA forums or it's members in some way. **
This raffle item will be shipped CONUS only!!!


Now to the fun stuff and the rules. This prize is an awesome package donated by Rick Eutsler and Airgun Pro Shop. This package includes a Kral Puncher Mega Marine in .177 caliber. The unique thing about this one is the Turkish walnut stock and the fact that it is also in silver/nickel finish instead of blued. Airgun comes with two clips, a single shot tray, bipod and fill probe with extra O-rings. Rick has included two tins of  JSB Match Diabolo 10.34gr ammo and a Hatsan 2.5-10x50 AO/IR scope with rings. This is one SWEET package. Thanks Rick for the donation!!!


Same rules as last raffle:

Must be 18 years of age or older to enter the raffle!!!!
Must have been a member of GTA for at least 30 days as of 25 Nov 2018 and have a post count of at least 20 to be eligible to enter.
LIMIT OF FOUR ENTRIES PER MEMBER!!!! But if this is your FIRST ever donation to GTA, you can select two numbers. MINIMUM donation of $10 PER ENTRY is required to enter this raffle. If using PayPal a separate transaction is required for EACH number selection!!! A number between 1-500 has been acquired from a random number generator and shared with all the admin staff as witnesses. All folks that donate between 25 Nov 2018 through 8pm Central 31 Dec 2018 can select a number in that range and post it here. Raffle will be closed and winner will be announced after 8pm Central Time 31 Dec 2018. If this is your FIRST ever donation to GTA, you are allowed to pick two numbers. This is for your first donation only. All other subsequent and SEPERATE donations gives you 1 additional draw, giving you up to 5 numbers in the draw. The closest to the selected number wins. If two are equally close, we will have a tie breaking draw where both members choose a number between 1-10. The closest to our picked number wins.
Be sure to check the list here in the first post for the numbers picked and available. Make your donation then return here to post your pick. ALL donations go toward maintaining and upgrading GTA Forum and the ongoing monthly fees. Rest assured NO ONE pockets our donations.

So, I'll recap the instructions. :)
If you have been a member of GTA for at least 30 days and have a minimum post count of 20 as of the START of the raffle, make a MINIMUM (but not limited to) $10 donation via the Donation link above for each number pick. SEPERATE donations for each number pick. Or send a money order to the listed address.
Select a number(s) not listed below.
Two numbers if this is your FIRST ever donation to GTA.
Make a post to this thread with the TYPE of payment you made and your number pick(s).
Sit back and wait to claim your prize....or enter again up to 4 donations/5 entries max.
If you are outside the lower 48 US states, you are responsible for shipping charges.

As a reminder it's your responsibility to make sure you can LEGALLY own and shoot airguns in your area!!!!

SAFE & Happy Airgunning!!!!

Numbers picked:

    3       Geoff
    7       superchikn
  12       P.O.I.
  13       zorro13
  15       StarlingChaser
  17       AlanMcD
  23       Back_Roads
  24       Back_Roads
  25       PaulT58
  33       Geoff
  37       wolverine
  45       Geoff
  52       Wayne52
  54       mobilehomer
  55       Sfttailrdr46
  57       Yng@hrt
  62       avator
  72       Sfttailrdr46
  78       maraudinglizard
  86       Agate47
  95       uncle paulie
101       zorro13
105       ShakySarge
108       falvesjr
112       Ol'DeadEye
121       WxRadarman
123       SoCalZac
130       Zeddymon
140       mobilemail
149       Frank
150       bikedave99
153       Fussell
156       keech1642
157       ShawninIL
163       Earl
169       marty2
174       maraudinglizard
178       P.O.I.
184       DanD
190       ShakySarge
194       uncle paulie
200       RMM
206       maraudinglizard
217       PaulT58
220       19Sheridan57
221       Hayfoot
227       triggertreat
234       SoCalZac
240       mobilemail
245       Always Learning
250       avator
252       P.O.I.
256       keech1642
260       Zeddymon
263       Frank
269       Smoketown
273       Stinger177
275       Smoketown
283       wolverine
286       Geoff
293       maraudinglizard
300       RMM
302       Yng@hrt
310       Hoosier Daddy
316       Frank
317       AlanMcD
318       P.O.I.
325       Lastdog
327       DLP
333       cootertwo
338       Smoketown
340       mobilemail
345       msurf
350       bikedave99
356       keech1642
357       mobilehomer
367       uncle paulie
377       Woodtic
386       avator
394       Earl
402       K.O.
410       triggertreat
418       Fussell
420       falvesjr
428       Earl
437       CaptVideo
440       mobilemail
443       Ol'DeadEye
447       Hawkeye51
451       Frank
456       keech1642
458       Smoketown
460       Geoff
471       uncle paulie
482       Ironman482
485       StarlingChaser
493       tejon
494       Earl

Am I the first up?

Paypal donation.

Number pick = 273

2 donations

Number picks:  623 & 525



I hope I've done this right, I donated $20 via PayPal if not correct I'll take 300 for sure.


--- Quote from: PaulT58 on November 25, 2018, 06:50:09 PM ---2 donations

Number picks:  623 & 525

--- End quote ---

Thanks Paul but please read the entire post. Numbers must be between 1-500. I'll gladly keep yours as is though.


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