My introduction

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My introduction
« on: November 11, 2018, 02:09:22 PM »
Hello GTA,

I wanted to post a short introduction for those who don't know me. I first started with adult airguns when I picked up a Crosman break barrel from Walmart to do a little squirrel hunting. That quickly evolved into me looking for more information about making it better which lead me here. I have been on the GTA since 2010. I learned of PCPs and move onto them immediately and took my first whitetail in 2011 with a Dragon Slayer

I have a always worked in industrial maintenance and have my own machine tools. I often dabled in modifying airguns in the elusive search to make them better, weather that was in performance or ergonomics. That lead me to start producing parts for sale. I currently make grip adapters for the Airforce line of rifles. These add some stiffness to the frame and allow you to mount AR-15 grips. The Picatinny rails allow for the addition of accesories without needing special adaptors. I am currently working on an adjustable stock to mount on the tank and allow the user to adjust length of pull as well as offset.

You can visit my website here, Please follow me on instagram if you like seeing how parts are made.

Thank you for reading,

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