Light 16x scope for good HFT ranging ... 42, 44 or more objective?

Author Topic: Light 16x scope for good HFT ranging ... 42, 44 or more objective?  (Read 172 times))

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I like a light rig of rifle + scope. I got a 177 Bantam Hi Lite  (7 lbs) for my light rifle. I own an UTG 4-16x56mm scope which ranges nice, good clear glass reticle, etc. but it's just so darn big and heavy (31oz).

I only shoot HFT for fun so I don't need my rifle or my scope to be the "zenith" of FT equipment.

There are a variety of 44mm and even 42mm 4-16x scopes that are lighter. The Mamba Lite 4-16x 42mm is 20oz.

Here's my question, can I expect reasonably decent ranging from a 42 or 44mm front objective so I can get to my light rig?

I see a few comments on GTA like "my 42 (or 44) mm scope ranges well." Shared experience appreciated!

I know in HFT, many shooters don't worry about the weight. A heavy rig is easier to hold stable, especially from bucket and sticks. Still, I'm working on my off hand shooting and ... I just prefer a light rig. 🙂

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