Shooting a Chicken – Pig – Turkey – and Ram: UpNorthAirGunner Backyard Brawlin'

Author Topic: Shooting a Chicken – Pig – Turkey – and Ram: UpNorthAirGunner Backyard Brawlin'  (Read 233 times))

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I just shot a chicken – pig – turkey – and a ram all in one day! Its a Chigurkeyam hunting combo! I may need some help with a recipe for this odd mixture of farm animals, but it was fun as *(&^ shooting them! Check it out:

Thank you to Pyramyd Air for offering this challenge and to Rick Rehm with shooter1721 for getting me this tack driver of a Marauder from Crosman!

Are you the next Backyard Brawler? Here's your chance to win a $3000 prize package from Pyramyd Air! More info:

Here's the scoop: Get your FREE set of Air Venturi Silhouette targets (you pay shipping and handling) and upload a video of yourself shootin' em down. You can use pellet guns or bb guns (but be safe, and use Dust Devils!)…shoot em at any distance and in any backyard (or basement!). Heck, use Air Bolts if you want. Have fun with it!

Once you've you've uploaded your video, be sure to share it with us. Then sit back and wait to see if you are the grand prize winner come November. Show us what you got, brawlers!
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I am working on a set of air pistol/low powered air rifle silhouette targets (They are from Pyramyd Air).
This is my 2nd attempt.
I put a little roof on the stands thinking there may be some vertical ricochets.
When I finish I think there will be some strips of metal below and behind the animals.
Just fooling around...
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