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Results Added......100 Yard Air Rifle Match #7-2018

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Oops...forgot this event goes on different schedules...marty2's on vacation and he had asked me to take care of it. - gamo2hammerli/Stanley

Welcome to the seventh 100 yard match of 2018. This match will run for 4 weeks. The rules and targets can be found at the rules and targets thread for this match
Post a scan or picture of the target by the end of the day Sunday Octi8ober 14  2018
If you are not a member of the NUAH Club and would like to join or would like to upgrade your Division standing, your submitted target can be used for that also. All the rules to becoming a member of the NUAH Club must be followed also.

Please include with you submission:

Score and Group Size
Any other info you would like to share(weather,pictures, etc)

Have Fun and Enjoy the match.

Results... will be posted ongoing as the match progresses at the bottom of this post. I will break down the scores by the different calibers shot.

1. Dairyboy .30  50/50. 4X  0.97”ctc
2. Dairyboy .22  50/50. 1X. 1.00”ctc
3. Blue        .22. 48/50        1.56”ctc

 Dairyboy - 50  1X  1.00"ctc
Blue -         48  1.56”CFC

 Dairyboy - 50  4X  0.97"ctc

Dairyboy aka Dillon

Wicked Air Rifles WARP COBRA .30
SWFA SS 10x42
44.75 JSB Lubed straight from tin
Bipod and towel under butt stock, Prone
50 4x 0.97"
38* and dead calm!

Da-yum Dillon!  That is strong.  Will you post one with the Long just for grins?

Dairyboy aka Dillon

Taipan Veteran Long .22
Discovery 10x44 HD SFIR
18.13gr JSB straight from tin
Bipod and towel under butt stock, prone
50 1x 1.00"
38* and dead calm!

Those are awesome shooting my friend!


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