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Vulcans BRAND NEW, with LEVER ACTION, only $1399 WOOD or SYNTHETIC


Joe Brancato:
I've got a bunch of Vulcans, in .177, .22 and .25 and we need to make room NOW!
We have in stock Bullpups, and my personal favorite TACTICALS too (seems people walk in wanting a Bullpup, but when they hold a Tactical, BAM, the want that one).  But we have both Bullpup and Tactical, in Wood and Synthetic, so whatever your choices is, we have it.

We just received a ton of Hubens Semi-autos, and Zbroia Carbines and Bullpups, FX Airguns, Daystate, etc. and we are bursting at the seams. We honestly don't have the room.   (We're actually looking for a much bigger store for that reason!)
So, we are BLOWING OUT Vulcans (And I mean BLOWING OUT!). You will never see these kinds of prices again, as this is a unique situation.  These rifles went for $1549 without the $159 Lever Action Upgrade, and we are selling for $1299 WITH the Lever Action.  We don't care if you want them in wood, or synthetic, we need to move them NOW!

We also have suppressors for these in stock!

Bullpup Wood (LOL, no, as nice as their stock are,  the stock is not guaranteed to be THAT beautiful)

Tactical Wood and my personal favorite
(this stock is fairly typical)

Tactical Synthetic A nice grain to this synthetic stock  ;D

Bullpup Synthetic A nice grain to this synthetic stock as well  ;D

Title says $1399 text says $1299....or did I read that wrong again?

Will you be bringing any to the Hickory NC gun show in October?


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