Gotta love Google Translate

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Gotta love Google Translate
« on: August 28, 2018, 12:31:02 AM »
I was nosing around on Google images looking for scope mounts for an MP-532 (not that I would do that - pure heresy!!).

Found this pic with narrative on a Russian site. Just for the heck of it, I translated it to see what he was saying about it. Here is the full translation, as performed by Google Translate.

Spoiler Alert!! DO NOT READ THE LAST LINE until you get to it.

The rifle went on occasion, at half price (10yr).
Due to the complete reluctance to communicate with the diopter, it was decided to put optics.
If you look at this rifle, then put the optics there is nowhere to go, except on the muff. Hence, removing the sight from the eye will be gigantic. The target needs the appropriate one - with the detune focus for a short distance and the hefty value of eye relief. Of all that I looked at, I chose Burris Handgun 3-12x32 Fine Plex.
Adjustment of the focus on the maximum was at him from 27 meters.
The kit was given to the gunsmith Konstantin Zaitsev (Yekaterinburg) for installation.
On the coupler is installed a wiver rod with a slope of 2mm (the sight has a very short margin of corrections, it is necessary to immediately aim the landing strip to the distance of the adjustment). Rings Lupold PRW low, steel. It turned out well, but the balance immediately went ahead. It was necessary to noticeably trim the false (no photos) and decided to weight the butt.

As a result, a very interesting rifle with a steadily working optical sight turned out. The purpose of the screw - room (armored) workouts at distances of 30 meters (leg, stand, knee). At the moment I'm trying my rifle in all the hypostases, I'm going to touch it.

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